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Welcome to the Columbia University Medical Center Internal Medicine Housestaff Manual.

This manual outlines the policies and procedures of the internal medicine residency program at New York-Presbyterian Hospital / Columbia University Medical Center. It provides a comprehensive description of our services, practices, and standards. Above all, it provides a framework for medical practice and education that is reliable, efficient, and lives up to our hospital’s motto: “We Put Patients First.”


Outpatient (OPD)

Fellowship Information

Step 3, License, DEA


Financial Planning

OSH Contacts

Resources: Allen Shuttle, Watching Noon Conference Remotely, AIM Clinic, Autopsy, Cardiac Arrests, STEMI, Classic EBM List, Coaching, Consults, End of the Year FAQs, Ethics Consult, Hospice beds, International Electives, Job Search, Peer Representatives, ACLS Training, Changing Your Name, Health Care for House Staff, Ombudsman, Lactation Room, IRB, Door Codes, Women in Medicine, Housestaff Research, Submitting Allscripts Issues, Expedited Pathology-Oncology, White Coat Laundering, Cab Reimbursements

Policies: Admissions, Alternate Level of Care, Conference Funding, Cross-Cover, Discharge Planning, DNR, Duty Hours, Early to Floor, Electives, Foley Placement Consultation, Jury Duty, Needlesticks and Other Exposures, Note Writing, Outside Hospital Transfers, Patient Photographs, Patients For Non-Medicine Services, Pregnancy and Maternity Leave, Procedures, Sick Pull, Step Down Unit, Trading Shifts, Trigger Policy, Ventilated Patients, Ward Intern, Ward Resident, Ward Attending Rounds

Tutorials: Allen Hospital, Allscripts, Antibiotics, Anticoagulation, Blood Products, Brain Death, Central Line Insertion, Death, Diabetes/Hyperglycemia Management, Dragon Dictation, Isolation, Levels of Care, Milstein Hospital, Pagers, Phlebotomy, Removal of Life Support, Restraints, Teams and Lists, Telemetry

People to Know: Charge Nurse, Patient Care Director, Care Coordinator

Services: Bereavement Services, Housestaff Mental Health Service, Workforce Health and Safety

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